Academician, Choreographer, Researcher…

Ozgur Adam, made his first step to a life that will be continue with dance, attending to Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Ballet Department. Since his graduation to the year of 2010, he danced with Ankara State Ballet, Modern Dance Company – MDT and many other companies.

Ozgur Adam, who completed his master’s degree in İstanbul University, continues his studies in his thesis stage by giving PhD Qualification in Ankara University.

Since 2006, not only he is working as a lecturer at Ankara University State Conservatory working as a lecturer at Ankara University State Conservatory but also giving dance, movement and physical theatre lecture at University of Ankara, Faculty of Language & History –Geography, Department of Theatre and Girne American University, Stage School of Performing Arts, Departments of Dance and Drama & Acting.

Ozgur Adam has been working with many very outstanding names of the performance world such as Nugzar Magalashvili, Yannick Boquin, Julian Moss, Tom Van Cauwenbergh, Oytun Turfanda, Ugur Seyrek, Andre Prokovsky, Valerie Panov, Marco Cantalupo, Yaniv Abraham, Ido Tadmor, Eldad Ben Sasson, Mafalda Deville, Ziya Azazi, Julia Varley and Eugenio Barba.

Besides being a dancer and an academician, Ozgur Adam put many projects on stage for Turkish States Opera and Ballet, Turkish Modern Dance Company, and also Turkish State Theatres apart from some private dance companies as a choreographer.  He also choreographed many pieces for the academies during his academic studies at the Universities. He has choreographed many pieces of the awarded dancers.

Till today, working as an academic, dancer and a choreographer who keeps developing himself in every aspect; as an art enthusiast he is also a professional pianist. He is composing as an amateur musician to keep his works in artistic comprehension. Recently he is developing new projects using his researches for different platforms.

OZGUR ADAM, is a Playgarden of Moving Ideas .

You are in a garden, a life to be composing of art for Ozgur Adam Inanc. He is feeding from art. And this is a garden formed with his productions, collections and dreams…

The  main parts of this playgarden is firstly set three years ago. At the begining it was just an idea; an idea to create a platform to exhibit and fortify the appearance of the artist’s visibility and and projects…

Today, this playgarden gives life to the moving ideas. And it gathers people together who make researches in different fields and artists who product. And build bridges between art and people.

Since 2017, the artist realizes his works as workshops, projects and productions under the trademark of OZGUR ADAM. OZGUR ADAM who believes participation and the importance of professional networks, invites everybody who want to work in different fields, make research and questioning.

Meet Our Team

“No man is wise enough by himself.”

Maccius Plautus

Deniz Alp
Deniz AlpDancer, Choreographer, Insturctor
Can Aksel Akin
Can Aksel AkinComposer
Fusun Ataman
Fusun AtamanAuthor, Dramaturg
Nazmi Ekin Vural
Nazmi Ekin VuralSocial Media and Information Technologies
Cosku Turkel
Cosku TurkelVideographer
Necla Zeren
Necla ZerenPost Production, Director
Gamze Orhun
Gamze OrhunProject Coordination, Public Relations


All the details about the projects, workshops, courses and studies we carry out, in addition to our productions for government agencies and private institutions are here…